Acre Boutique hotels and attractions

By: Shir Petel (shirpetel@)

Not many know but Acre is among the best culinary cities we have in Israel. It is one of the most magical, touristy and ancient cities in the country. I have already visited Acre several times and still, every time I come to visit, I have the feeling that it was not enough.
This time I came to pick for you the top five places you cannot miss in this beautiful old city.

Boutique hotels in Acre, where to sleep?
The first place you should not miss is the Akotika Hotel which is located among the picturesque alleys of Acre in front of the spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea. Tamar and Meir, the owners of the hotel, decided to incorporate the authenticity and color of Acre in the design of the hotel. The hotel is an accurate and perfect combination of new and old. Everything is tastefully decorated down to the last items, at the same time the hotel retains the story that started many years ago, preserves the history of the magical Acre, and provides a different and special hospitality experience. The hotel suites are scattered in the alleys and maintain a similar but different design line between them. How can this be you ask? Come visit and see for yourself.

The second place you should definitely not miss is the Effendi Hotel. The Effendi Hotel is actually one complete journey into the fascinating history of Acre. 

The amazing hotel in its beauty is actually the vision of the owner Uri Jeremias. Years of construction and restoration have made the Effendi Hotel one of the most lovable places in Israel. 

When viewed from the outside no one can guess that a whole world is hidden behind the entrance doors located between the alleys of Acre: painted ceilings designed with unique decorations for the Ottoman period, preserved wooden ceilings six meters high, sunny spaces with views of the Old City and the sea, a spa complex, a Turkish bath, a crazy roof, mesmerizing rooms and many other surprises await you inside this different and special hotel in Acre.


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Where to eat?

“Uri Buri” – Remember Uri from the Effendi Hotel? This is exactly the same famous Uri from the well-known and famous fish restaurant “Uri Buri”. For years, the restaurant has been a place of pilgrimage for all lovers of food and cuisine. If you are a part of them and have not yet gotten to know the restaurant, this is exactly the time to visit it! Uri Buri is one of the best restaurants in Israel and earn the title of one of the best restaurants in the world for 2019.

The restaurant specializes in fresh, seasonal and carefully made fish and seafood. The kitchen offers a varied menu and caters to both vegetarians and vegans. And in fact, there is no one who will not find his favorite dish in a restaurant. The restaurant provides an appetizing menu as well as a tasting menu which is one big adventure for those of us who are debating what to choose or those who want to indulge.

Almarsa Restaurant – A chef’s restaurant specializing in Mediterranean food that combines traditional Arab cuisine with modern cuisine. The restaurant is located in the most perfect location in Acre – in the fishing port right in front of the sea and brings the aromas of the sea directly to the plate in front of a mesmerizing panoramic view of the fishing boats and the old city walls.
Beyond that, we really enjoyed meeting Hamudi Bergot, the owner of the place (along with his brother Marwan) and hearing their success story with the restaurant, the dishes were just one big culinary celebration. The food was fresh and I was also surprised by the special look that combines Arab cuisine with the chef’s modern training. The menu includes special, surprising dishes and includes dishes with unconventional combinations.

Attraction in the city

Cooking workshop at Beit Alfrasha – a place founded by women, inspired by women and for women. The Alfrasha House (Butterfly House) was founded by Katie Ruff who dreamed of opening a center where local women would share their love of local cuisine along with guests from Israel and around the world. Her ambition was to allow visitors to Acre to be more than “tourists for a day” through a direct meeting with the locals who make Acre special. Therefore, Katie chose a group of women, inspiring cooks from Acre to deliver private workshops that are heartwarming culinary and social experiences.
Four hours where you will learn to cook local food with an emphasis on the special dishes of the Akko cuisine and while you will get to know the group members and create new friendships. Highly recommended workshop – one of the most fun experiences you have ever had with a friend / girlfriend / spouse / partner / family.