Discover Akotika Boutique Hotel and the city of old Acre

By: Sapir & Daniel (@dream.salty)

There is a special something that every boutique hotel has, I can’t quite explain what it is, but when you get there, you will feel it straight away.
The homely, intimate atmosphere, the attention to the smallest details, the emphasis on the unique design, and of course the service, are some of the parameters that give the hotel the title – boutique. Akotika Boutique Hotel is just that. Located in the heart of Old Acre, everything is within walking distance. You can walk around the market or get lost in the picturesque alleys of Old Acre.

The uniqueness of the hotel is its scattering along several alleys throughout the city. Each suite in a different place, like a small apartment. The suites are located in old buildings that have been renovated and preserved, and each suite is different and has its own uniqueness. Each building has a number of suites and a shared space for everyone. Some of the buildings have 4-5 suites and some have one suite. Each suite is different, with a different design, a different atmosphere and different treats for the guests. Some suites have a heated pool, some have a jacuzzi and some have a stunning lounge with huge windows overlooking the sea.
Our suite was warm and fun, we had a luxurious bed, a comfortable armchair, and an entire bathroom made of antique stones. The shower was large and luxurious, with 2 separate taps next to each other, that way we could shower together but each chose how hot the water would be and which stream to use. (This is the dream, isn’t it?) The other highlight in the shower was an oven – a large oven that heats up quickly and in a second the whole shower was pleasant and fun.

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