Discover Maskit Estate, a botique hotel in Liman

By: Liri Reinman (@_traveliri)

Maskit Estate is a boutique hotel in Moshav Liman, but the word “estate” describes it most accurately – a secluded location that provides perfect intimacy, vast green areas, citrus trees surrounding, and a feeling reminiscent of mansions in Tuscany or France. From the moment the wide estate gate slowly opened and our vehicle advanced towards the parking lot, on the path surrounded by citrus trees, we began to feel the magic of the place. This is a beautiful, prestigious, and romantic suite complex, from the moment you arrive you do not want to leave this perfect place.

From the parking lot, we walked under a vine gate towards the lobby, and then the beautiful mosaic pool was revealed to us. We then discovered the tastefully designed lounge and the heated indoor pool that pictures can convey only a little of its beauty. After all this beauty you arrive at your private villa (one of 4 in the place) This is one of the most beautiful suites in the country, a spacious room decorated in a luxurious and unique style, without a doubt a lot of thought and attention was paid to the small details. Every detail in the room looks as if it has been carefully chosen – from the pictures on the wall to the decorations on the table. The bed is large and luxurious, and above it, there is a wide window that overlooks the tropical vegetation outside and creates an atmosphere of vacation in the East. If I already mentioned East – from the bathroom there is an exit to the backyard with an amazing outdoor shower just like in Bali. The villa is surrounded by a fenced and spacious private courtyard, where there is a lovely sitting area, the perfect location for a good glass of wine.

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