Discover Dona Castle Boutique Hotel on the Sea of Galilee

By: Ifat Cohen (@ifatchencohen)

I can finally admit it wholeheartedly – how great is this opportunity to fall in love with Israel again, to return to the places I traveled as a child as a girl scout. Discover new places and be impressed by the way tourism has developed here in recent years. I Understood that you do not have to board a plane to feel abroad.

In all my travels in Israel and around the world, I have never encountered a unique and rare hotel like Dona Castle. A stunning boutique hotel on the Sea of Galilee built inside an ancient fortress from 1745. This impressive piece of history is one of the only buildings preserved in its entirety as part of the wall that surrounded Tiberias. In the past, the citadel hosted honorable guests and the halls of the knights preserved on the lower floor of the fort. This magic is felt at every corner, and upon entering the fortress – I got the feeling that I had entered an ancient and fascinating legend.
The hotel has six rooms, each of which is beautifully decorated, spacious and beautiful. The attention to detail is extraordinary to me. Breakfast at the hotel was wonderful, pampering and delicious, and the view of the Sea of Galilee makes your heart expand. But without a doubt, the ultimate treat the hotel has to offer is a huge pampering bath. Each room has a beautiful and luxurious bath, and what can be more relaxing and fun than a long dip after a day of traveling, eating good food, and discovering rich history?

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